Hydraulic Hose - 8524 Hydraulic Hose - 8524
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Product Specifications
Burst Pressure (psi) 3000
Description Conductive convoluted PTFE tube
Family Hose
General Application Automotive, Platten Presses, Pharmaceutical, Bus & Truck, Reverse Osmosis, Hydraulics, Chemical Processing, Steam, Air, Water, Tire Manufacturing, Electronics, Steel Mills, Food Processing, Tank Truck Transfer
Hose Base Number 85
Inside Diameter (in) 1.53
Min Bend Radius (in) 4.5
Outside Diameter (in) 1.83
Reinforcement Material 304 stainless steel wire
Vacuum (inHg) 10
Warning Warning: these hoses can be used to convey hazardous chemicals, steam, hot liquids or other dangerous mateials which can cause death, serious bodily injury including burns, pressure wounds or chemical exposure if released accidentally. They should, therefore, only be handled or worked on by personnel properly trained in the safe handling of the materials or chemicals conveyed in the hoses.
Weight (lb/ft) 0.59