Danfoss Interactive Product Configurator

Easily Customize Hydraulic Products—From Start to Finish

Find the exact product configuration that meets your needs with the Danfoss product configurator. The configurator allows easy manipulation to create a product that meets your specifications from end-to-end.

Simply select a product family and series from hydraulic power units, industrial valves, motors, and more to begin building your sequence and generate a model code. Choose the most suitable components to build your solution digitally and form your results. Then email or download your product information and contact a distributor that carries the specified product line.

Configuration Screenshot
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1Select a product family

Select from filtration, hydraulic power units, industrial valves, mobile valves, motors, pumps, screw-in cartridge valves, and steering system product families to begin your configuration.

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2Navigate to a product series

Choose the product series of your selected product family for narrowed results.

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3Make your specifications

Make feature selections in any order, start configuring your product, and watch the model code build dynamically. Adjust and refine until your configuration meets your needs.

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4View the products that match your specifications

View products that match your specifications at any point along the way, or create a complete configuration end-to-end to meet your exact needs. When you have your results, add your selection to your wish list, download or email the specifications, or find a distributor near you.

Modify any existing configuration

Have you found a product that meets most of your needs, but you need to change a few things? The 'Modify Configuration' tool allows you to quickly and easily make adjustments and refine to your exact specifications.

Simply click the link on the product detail page and modify the components to get the results you’re looking for.

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