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Over the years our customers have experienced superior quality, industry support, depth of product line and customer service from Aeroquip® Performance products. Aeroquip® is the professional’s choice and is the only company that designs, engineers, manufacturers and tests its hoses and fittings. Don’t be misled by other brands that claim performance but buy their product from overseas sources. We know it because we make it! 100% of Aeroquip® Performance hose is made here in the USA and our fittings and adapters are distributed out of Van Wert, OH. We encourage you to experience the difference, try Aeroquip® Performance hoses and fittings. You’ll be glad you did!


  • Torque Specifications Download
  • Thread Size and Common Thread Connections Download
  • Service Life Factors of Hose Assemblies Download
  • Racing Hose, Teflon* System Schematics Download
  • Racing Hose System Schematics Download
  • Hose Routing and Installation Download
  • Hose Maintenance and Inspection of Hose Assemblies Download
  • Flow Capacities of Hose Assemblies Download
  • Conversion Tables Download
  • Actual Fitting Sizes Download


  • StartLite® Racing Hose with Reusable Fittings Download
  • StartLite® and AQP Racing Hose with Lightweight Crimp Fittings Download
  • SOCKETLESS® Hose Download
  • ProClamp™ Hose Connector and Stainless Steel Overbraid Download
  • Firesleeve Hose Flame Shield Download
  • AQP Teflon® Racing Hose with Reusable Fittings Download
  • AQP Racing Hose with Reusable Fittings Download
  • AQP High Pressure Hose Download