Hydraulic Hose - H23920-250R Hydraulic Hose - H23920-250R
H23920-250R H23920-250R
Hydraulic Hose - TRUCK HOSE BLK 2 | 1 1/8 | 50
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Product Specifications
Max Temperature (C) 150
Min Temperature (C) -40
Operating Pressure (bar) 15.5
Available Length (ft) 250
Burst Pressure (bar) 68.9
Burst Pressure (psi) 1000
Color Black
Cover Material Fiber braids
Dash Size 20
Description Truck hose
Family Hose
General Application Air Brake, Fuel And Lubricating Oils, Air And Water
Hose Base Number H239
Inside Diameter (Fraction) 1.125
Inside Diameter (in) 1.13
Inside Diameter (mm) 28.6
Max Temperature (F) 300
Min Bend Radius (in) 5.5
Min Bend Radius (mm) 139.7
Min Temperature (F) -40
Operating Pressure (psi) 225
Outside Diameter (Fraction) 1.5
Outside Diameter (in) 1.5
Outside Diameter (mm) 38.1
Reinforcement Material Two fiber braids
Tube Material CPE Rubber
Weight (kg/m) 7.63
Weight (lb/ft) 0.41

1) Temp. range: a) Hot Oil -40C to +150C (-40F to +300F) b) Air Brake -40C to +93C (-40F to +200F). 2) Sizes is not SAE nor DOT approved for air brake applications.