Metric Tube Fittings - WAL372949 Metric Tube Fittings - WAL372949
WAL372949 WAL372949
Metric Tube Fittings - SNV 14 S A3L
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Product Specifications
Description Straight coupling
Family Metric Tube Fittings
I 45
I2 48
L 92
O-ring 12.0x2.0
S2 27
Section in Catalog F
Series S
Tube O.D. 14
Type SNV 14 S
Weight Kg/100 pcs. 14.2
l 45
l2 48

1) Nuts on either side are retractable to back of O-ring groove, but only one at a time 2) taper and O-ring NBR (e. g. Perbunan) on both sides & FPM (e. g. Viton) on request