QR Valves - 145406DR QR Valves - 145406DR
145406DR 145406DR
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Product Specifications
Size (Inches) 3/8
Basic Part Number 145406
Cubic Meter per Minute Cylinder 5 8
Cubic Meter per Minute Inlet to Cylinder 3 4
Cylinder Port American National Pipe Thread 43167
Description 1 Quick Release Valve Options -
Description Diaphragm Muffler & End Cap Kit DQ
Description Diaphragm & End Cap Kit DP
Description Replacement Kit BZ
Description Replacement Kit w/Muffler DX
Description w/1-11 1/2 Pipe Threads Both Ports BF
Description w/Inlet Pipe Thread DG
Description w/Inlet Pipe Thread & Muffler DT
Description w/Metal Sleeve DE
Description w/Metal Sleeve & 1/4 Pipe Adapter DM
Description w/Metal Sleeve & Muffler DS
Description w/Metal Sleeve & Pipe Adapter DL
Description w/Pipe Adapter BR
Description w/Pipe Adapter & Muffler CA
Description w/Rubber Sleeve DF
Description w/Rubber Sleeve & Muffler DR
Description w/Steel Sleeve BD
Description w/Steel Sleeve & Muffler BE
Inlet Port Options American National Pipe Thread 43167
Inlet Port Options Tubing Outside Diameter (in) 0.5
Note: Part Numbers The basic quick release valve part numbers are given in the following table. A double alpha suffix must be added to the basic number to completely identify the valve.
Size 13/8
Standard Cubic Feet per Minute Cylinder 206
Standard Cubic Feet per Minute Inlet to Cylinder 121