Motors - 11010150901 Motors - 11010150901
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11010150901 11010150901
Motors - Track Drive Motor
Model Code: JMV016RR020001005300A00A Modify Configuration Modify Configuration
Product Specifications
Feature Code Description
Product JMV Track Drive Motor
Maximum / Minimum displacement 016 16 cc (Fixed)
Mounting flange of motor R Integrated gearbox
Output shaft of motor R Gearbox
Main port size 02 BSP G1/2 (JIS PF 1/2)
Relief valve setting 00 None
Parking brake (Release pressure) 01 6.6 bar
Automatic 2-speed 00 None
Gear Ratio 53 53.7
Special requirements 00 None
Painting A Primer
Identification number 00 Eaton standard
Design number A First design

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