Overview & Features

"In the hydraulic product line, Eaton offers the ISO 16028 Standard Flat Face (FF) Series line of Quick Disconnect Couplings. The newly redesigned Flat face couplings offer several competitive advantages. Connect to Eaton FF couplings – a top performing coupling for better productivity, fuel efficiency and reliability."


  • Higher working pressure: Exceeds ISO 16028 with higher operating pressure up to 400 bar
  • Higher flow rates! Exhibits 17-30% higher flow rates than previous versions
  • A whole new level of corrosion resistance: Up to 1000 hours corrosion resistance with environment friendly coating (nickel free)
  • Connect under residual pressure up to 350 bar with optional FFCUP plug. Standard version to connect under lower residual pressure
Value Propositions
  • OEM
  • Distributor
  • End User

Value Proposition Statement

Eaton’s FF Series offers higher operating pressures compared to some other manufacturers Allows for an increase in design versatility One product can be used in a variety of different applications The FF Series is laser marked with a part number and date code. Allows for lot traceability The FF Series is available on a global basis Manufacturers with a  global footprint can purchase the product locally Eaton offers a one stop shop for your complete flush face series coupling requirements Decreases the # of PO’s that need to be issued Decreases your freight costs The series features multiple seal options Both carbon steel and stainless steel options are available Eaton provides local support and engineering capabilities to aid our distributors in their efforts to resell the FF Series Prototyping and specials available around the world Product inventoried locally around the world Knowledgeable support before and after the sale The FF Series is laser marked with a part number. This enables part identification in the field that can lead to aftermarket sales. Eaton offers a longer warranty period than some competitors for the FF Series (three years)(NAM) This reduces the cost of ownership The FF Series is also available in stainless steel This reduces the cost of ownership due to its resistance when exposed to harsh environmental conditions. The FF Series color coding feature for the male and female halves reduces the chance of line crossing and contamination The FF Series sleeve lock feature comes standard and decreases the chance of accidental disconnection Eaton’s Distribution Network makes the FF Series available globally to decrease equipment downtime

= Denotes point of differentiation

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