Eaton Airbrake

Eaton Synflex DIN/ISO Air brake and Fuel tubing

Overview & Features

Eaton Synflex DIN/ISO Air brake and Fuel tubing


  • Ideal for elevated pressure, high flexibility and wider temperature.
  • Robust performance guaranteed by the usage of only virgin Polyamide.
  • Colored stripes provides optimum UV performance with unique visual identification.
  • Meets or exceeds DIN73378, DIN74324-1 and ISO7628 performance requirements, and the more stringent OEM customer requirements.
  • Engineered materials and multilayer technology offer cost competitiveness, stability in price, performance and supply.
  • Redundancy in manufacturing capability and global manufacturing footprint ensures uninterrupted supply and global availability.
Where Used
Commercial Vocational Vehicle
  • Heavy Duty On-Highway
  • Highway Vocational Truck
  • Medium Duty On-Highway
  • Air brake
  • Air brake and fuel
Value Propositions

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