Steam - EH08408 Steam - EH08408
EH08408 EH08408
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Product Specifications
Burst Pressure (bar) 172
Burst Pressure (psi) 2500
Cover Material EPDM
Hose I.D. (in) 0.5
Hose I.D. (mm) 12.7
Hose O.D. (in) 1.09
Hose O.D. (mm) 27.7
Hose Type Steam
Max Temperature (C) 208
Max Temperature (F) 407
Min Temperature (C) -40
Min Temperature (F) -40
Operating Pressure (PSI) 250
Operating Pressure (bar) 17.2
Product Line Industrial
Tube Material Chlorobutyl blend
Advantages 1) Heat, age, ozone and weather resistant. 2) Excellent heat resistance 3) Handles most steam cleaning detergents 4) Easy identification 5) Meets safety standards of RMA 6) Assures safe grounding 7) Safety 8) Color code system
Available Length 50
Available Length (ft) 50
Burst Pressure (bar) 31
Burst Pressure (psi) 2500
Color Black and Red (RD) Striped (Barber Pole)
Cover Material EPDM/Pinpricked
Dash Size 8
Description Steam Slayer
Family Hose
Features EPDM cover, Special Blend (Chlorobutyl) tube, Continuous Embossed/ Printed brand and date code, Minimum 10-to-1 safety factor, Built in separate static wire,
General Application 1) Transfer of steam for processing products and cleaning equipment 2) Transfer of steam or hot 93C [200F] detergent-type solutions for cleaning of equipment, tanks, buildings, etc. 3) Transfer of steam to melt glues, waxes etc
Hose Base Number H0084
Hose Family Steam
Hose I.D. (in) 0.5
Hose O.D. (in) 1.09
Inside Diameter (in) 0.5
Inside Diameter (mm) 12.7
Markets Chemical/Petroleum industry, Industrial cleaning markets, Ship building, Lumber/Woodworking, Plywood mfg./Cardboard, Pulp processing, Food Industry, Injection Molding
Max Temperature (F) 450
Min Bend Radius (in) 7
Min Bend Radius (mm) 178
Min Temperature (F) -40
Operating Pressure (psi) 250
Outside Diameter (in) 1.13
Outside Diameter (mm) 28.6
Quick Disconnect Coupling Eaton EJ Series
Reinforcement 2-Wire Braid
Reinforcement Material Wire, 2 Braid, 2 High Tensile Steel Wires
Tube Material Special Blended Chlorobutyl
Type of Branding Embossed / Printed
Type of Coupling Dixon Boss Style or equivalent
Weight (Kg/m) 0.07
Weight (lb/ft) 0.49

10 Operation Pressure is a 10:1 Design Factor per RMA IP-2. 2) For superheated steam applications +232C [+450F] 3) Not to be used as a pressure washer hose.