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Product Specifications
Cover Material Stainless Steel Braid
Dash Size 12
Hose Family Teflon
Max Temperature (C) 230
Max Temperature (F) 450
Min Temperature (C) -54
Min Temperature (F) -65
Operating Pressure (PSI) 1500
Product Line Everflex
Tube Material Teflon
Burst Pressure (psi) 6000
Description Smooth Bore "S" Series
Family Hose
General Application Requiring steam cleaning of and assembly or transfer of a highly viscous media, such as adhesives, paints or food products
Hose Base Number S
Hose ends Everswage
Inside Diameter (in) 0.62
Min Bend Radius (in) 6
Outside Diameter (in) 0.78
Reinforcement Material Stainless Steel
Vacuum (inHg) 28
Wall Thickness (in) 0.05
Warning Warning: these hoses can be used to convey hazardous chemicals, steam, hot liquids or other dangerous mateials which can cause death, serious bodily injury including burns, pressure wounds or chemical exposure if released accidentally. They should, therefore, only be handled or worked on by personnel properly trained in the safe handling of the materials or chemicals conveyed in the hoses.

1. The operating pressure of 5/8" I.D. hoses are lowered to 1250psi when Brass Everswage fittings are used. 2. Use of an internal support coil in -06 and larger PTFE hose is recommended for tube support where extended or continous service at high temperature together with low or negative pressure is expected. 3. Radius in inches to inside bend. Multiply bend radius by 1.25 for dynamic applications.