For each CLS100 valve assembly desired, configure one (1) inlet section model code, work section model codes for each work section in the assembly, and one (1) end cover model code. For the CLS100, you can configure up to 10 sections and you can combine both pre and post compensated sections in the same valve assembly. After each item is fully configured, select Add to Assembly. Once you have completed the assembly, select View Full Assembly.

  • Inlet
  • Section 1
  • + Add Section
  • End Cover

Inlet: CLS100 Configuration

Sequence 1

product series

Sequence 2

inlet type

Sequence 3

inlet ports

Sequence 4

inlet reliefs

Sequence 5

load sense relief setting

Sequence 6

full flow relief valve setting

Sequence 7

inlet dump valve

Sequence 8

inlet coil

Sequence 9

special feature

Sequence 10

design level