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Product Specifications
Available Length (ft) 50
Burst Pressure (bar) 827.4
Burst Pressure (psi) 12000
Description PTFE Hose
Family Hose
General Application Hydraulic, air and steam lines. Particularly suited for air compressor discharge lines where vibration and high temp are present
Government Specification FDA Accepted Material
Hose Base Number H243
Inside Diameter (Fraction) 41706
Inside Diameter (in) 0.38
Inside Diameter (mm) 9.5
Min Bend Radius (in) 5
Min Bend Radius (mm) 127
Outside Diameter (Fraction) 41641
Outside Diameter (in) 0.5
Outside Diameter (mm) 12.7
Reinforcement Material Single stainless steel braid (Type 304)
Weight (kg/m) 0.19
Weight (lb/ft) 0.12

1) Not For use in applications requiring static dissipation. 2) Burst pressure - 551.6 bar (8000 psi) & for applications above 149C (300F) 413.7 bar (6000 psi). 3) For more information on PTFE hose options refer to the Everflex Catalog, document number E-HOEV-MC001-E.