Fittings - 1Z24CTD24 Fittings - 1Z24CTD24
1Z24CTD24 1Z24CTD24
Fittings - FTG TTC6S CAT 22.5
This part is no longer available!
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Product Specifications
End Size 24
End Type Other
Hose Family 6-Spiral
Hose Size 24
Material Carbon Steel
Product Line Aeroquip
Shape 22.5
Style Permanent
A_in 8.82
A_mm 224.1
Connection_Size 24
D_in 5.75
D_mm 146.1
Description Caterpillar Split Flange 22.5 Elbow
Family Fitting
Flange_Head_Dia_? K _mm 63.5
Flange_head_Dia_? K_in 2.5
H_in 0.76
H_mm 19.3
Hose_Size 24
L_in 3.07
L_mm 78
Plating Zinc Plated
Type Global Spiral TTC

1Z Fittings for use on 6-wire construction Compatible only with D-ring FF90319.

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