Adapters - FF90202-06S Adapters - FF90202-06S
FF90202-06S FF90202-06S
Adapters - CAP, STC
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Product Specifications
D1 (inch) 17.6
D1 (mm) 0.7
D1_in 0.69
D1_mm 17
D2 (inch) 0.71
D2 (mm) 18
D2_in 0.71
D2_mm 18
Dash Size 6
Description Female STC Cap
Family Cap
L1 (inch) 0.83
L1 (mm) 21.1
L1_in 0.83
L1_mm 21.1
Material Steel
Plating Zinc Plated
Product Female STC Cap and Male STC Plug
Shape Straight
Type Adapter

Female STC cap can hold pressure equal to the operating pressure of the particular STC size.