QR Valves - 145141DS QR Valves - 145141DS
145141DS 145141DS
QR Valves - 3/4 QRVM W/STL SLV
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Product Specifications
Size (Inches) 0.75
Basic Part Number 145141
Cubic Meter per Minute Cylinder 17 2
Cubic Meter per Minute Inlet to Cylinder 8 1
Cylinder Port American National Pipe Thread 41702
Description Diaphragm Muffler & End Cap Kit DQ
Description Diaphragm & End Cap Kit DP
Description Replacement Kit BZ
Description Replacement Kit w/Muffler DX
Description w/1-11 1/2 Pipe Threads Both Ports BF
Description w/Inlet Pipe Thread DG
Description w/Inlet Pipe Thread & Muffler DT
Description w/Metal Sleeve DE
Description w/Metal Sleeve & 1/4 Pipe Adapter DM
Description w/Metal Sleeve & Muffler DS
Description w/Metal Sleeve & Pipe Adapter DL
Description w/Pipe Adapter BR
Description w/Pipe Adapter & Muffler CA
Description w/Rubber Sleeve DF
Description w/Rubber Sleeve & Muffler DR
Description w/Steel Sleeve BD
Description w/Steel Sleeve & Muffler BE
Inlet Port Options American National Pipe Thread 41702
Inlet Port Options Tubing Outside Diameter (in) 0.75
Note: Maximum Pressure and Speed The basic quick release valve part numbers are given in the following table. A double alpha suffix must be added to the basic number to completely identify the valve.
Size 41702
Standard Cubic Feet per Minute Cylinder 376
Standard Cubic Feet per Minute Inlet to Cylinder 287