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145106ZZ 145106ZZ
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Product Specifications
Kit Type R/S Shaft Kit
Product Type B
Size B3
D (in) 3.7
D (mm) 94
D1 (in) 2.53
D1 (mm) 64
H (in) 1.63
H (mm) 41
Item 145106ZZ
L2 (in) 0.75
L2 (mm) 19
Maximum Pressure (bar) 10 3
Maximum Pressure (psi) 150
Maximum Speed (rpm) 4000
Mounting Thread 43228
Mounting Thread (in) 0.111
Mounting Thread (mm) 0 72
Note: Basic Part Number Suffix must be added to indicated type of friction lining and actuating fluid.
Note: Maximum Pressure and Speed Operation at maximum pressure and speed should be avoided. Refer to K-14 for operating parameters.
O (in) 0.5
O (mm) 13
O1 (in) 43167
O1 (mm) 43167
O1 (mm) 13
Part Number 145106BQ
Size B 3
Type AA2
U1 (in) 15.3
U1 (mm) 389
U2 (in) 1.7
U2 (mm) 43
U3 (in) 14.5
U3 (mm) 368
U4 (in) 12.5
U4 (mm) 318