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Screw-In Cartridge Valve
406AA01594A 406AA01594A
Screw-in Cartridge Valves - 1CE30 Cartridges in Body (1CEEC35); Eaton Screw-in Cartridge Valve; Motion Control and Lock
Model Code: 1CEEC35-F6T-35S5-377 Modify Configuration Modify Configuration
Product Specifications
Feature Code Description
SERIES 1CEEC35 Motion Control and Lock Valve-Pilot Assisted Relief with Check Valve-30 L/Min - Cartridge and Body
ADJUSTMENT -F Screw Adjustment
PORT SIZE 6T 3/8in SAE Valve and Cyl Port-1/4in SAE Pilot Port
PRESSURE RANGE -35 100-350 bar (2.5;1, 5;1) ; 120-350 bar(10;1);Std Set - 210 bar
SEAL S Nitrile (For use with Most Industrial Hydraulic Oils)
BODY MATERIAL -377 Steel (for pressure setting >= 210 bar)
SPECIAL FEATURES _ Special Pressure Setting in bar