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Screw-In Cartridge Valve
406AA00057A 406AA00057A
Screw-in Cartridge Valves - 1SEL90; Eaton Screw-in Cartridge Valve; Overcenter; Counterbalanced; Alternative Cavity
Model Code: 1SEL90-F-30S220/60 Modify Configuration Modify Configuration
Product Specifications
Feature Code Description
SERIES 1SEL90 Over Center Valve with Counter Balance -Pilot Assisted Relief with Check Valve-90 L/Min - Catridge Only
ADJUSTMENT -F Screw Adjustment
PRESSURE RANGE -30 220- 330 bar ; Std Setting - 270 bar
SEAL S Nitrile (For use with Most Industrial Hydraulic Oils)
HIGH PRESSURE SETTING 220/ High Pressure Setting 220 BAR
COUNTERBALANCE SETTING 60 Counter Balance Pressure Setting 60 BAR
SPECIAL FEATURES _ No Special Pressure Setting
SPECIAL PRESSURE SETTING _ No Special Pressure Setting