Screw-in Cartridge Valves - 307AA00358A Screw-in Cartridge Valves - 307AA00358A
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Screw-In Cartridge Valve
307AA00358A 307AA00358A
Screw-in Cartridge Valves - RV1-8-S-S6T-36/36
Model Code: RV1-8-S-S-6T-36/36
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Product Specifications
Feature Code Description
Pressure Control RV1 Relief Valve, Poppet, Direct acting
Back-up Ring _ Single
Size And Flow -8 15 L/min (4 gpm)/ 23 L/min (6 gpm)
Seal Type _ Buna-N
Adjustment -S Screw
Valve Housing Material -S Steel
Valve Housing Port -6T SAE 6 LD or Fatigue Rated Aluminum or Steel
Pressure Range -36/ 20-250 bar (500-3600 lbf/in2)
Pressure Setting _ -
Special Features _ None

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