Mobile Valves - 226AP00019A Mobile Valves - 226AP00019A
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226AP00019A 226AP00019A
Mobile Valves - CLS180-PAB-DA090090-ZZR1 50R150-Z000-ZZ-00A
Model Code: CLS180-PAB-DA090090-Z-R150-R150-Z000-ZZ-00-A
Product Specifications
Feature Code Description
Compensation -P P = Post-compensated
Actuation A A = Hydraulic with top ports
Port Type B B = BSP (G 3/4 BSP) (G 1/4 pilot if Hyd, G 1/8 if pneumatic)
Spool Type -D D = Double Acting (4 way) Cylinder
Spool Action A A = Spring centered to neutral
Port A Spool Flow 090 090 lpm
Port B Spool Flow 090 090 lpm
Coil Type -Z Z = No coil
Port A Option Function -R R = Relief/Anti-cav
Port A Option Setting 150 150
Port B Option Function -R R = Relief/Anti-cav
Port B Option Setting 150 150
Section LS Relief -Z Z = No LS relief
LS Relief Setting 000 000 - None or remote
Spool stroke limiter or Position Indicator -Z Z = None
Lever kits Z Z = None
Special Features -00 00 = None
Design Level -A A = initial release

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