Filtration - TEF120-0000 Filtration - TEF120-0000
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Hydraulic and Lubrication Oil Filtration
TEF120-0000 TEF120-0000
Filtration - TEF.120.3VG.16.S.P.-.UG. 5.-.-.-
Model Code: TEF.120.3VG.16.S.P.-.UG.5.-.-.- Modify Configuration Modify Configuration Performance Tool
Product Specifications
Feature Code Description
Series and Nominal Size TEF.120. Housing; 120 Element; 01.E 120
Filter Material and Filter Fineness 3VG. 5 um(c) Interpor fleece (glass fiber)
Filter Element Construction 16. Standard collapse dP 232 PSI / 16 bar
Filter Element Design S. Bypass valve dP 29 PSI / 2.0 bar
Element Sealing Material P. Nitrile (NBR)
Filter Element Specification -. Standard
Connection Type UG. SAE straight thread
Connection Size 5. UG (SAE-16), G (1")
Housing Specifications -. Standard
Clogging Indicator at M1 -. No indicator
Clogging Indicator at M2 - No indicator

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