Sequence 1

product series

Sequence 2


Sequence 3


Sequence 4

design type

Sequence 5

input shaft

Sequence 6

input rotation

Sequence 7

valve plate

Sequence 8

main ports

Sequence 9

power limiter valve setting port a

Sequence 10

power limiter valve setting port b

Sequence 11


Sequence 12

control supply orifice (p)

Sequence 13

control orifice - upper servo (s1)

Sequence 14

control orifice - lower servo (s2)

Sequence 15

press override

Sequence 16

press setting for pressure override

Sequence 17

control special features

Sequence 18

charge pump

Sequence 19

auxiliary mounting

Sequence 20

charge pump displacement

Sequence 21

2nd displacement of dual element

Sequence 22

charge pressure rel valve setting

Sequence 23

charge pump special features

Sequence 24

special pump assembly features

Sequence 25

paint and packaging

Sequence 26

identification on unit

Sequence 27

design code

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