Sequence 1

seal type

Sequence 2


Sequence 3


Sequence 4

type of performance

Sequence 5

spool type

Sequence 6

spool spring

Sequence 7

soft shift option

Sequence 8

soft shift orifice size

Sequence 9

manual override

Sequence 10

solenoid energizing identity and flag symbol

Sequence 11

spool position monitoring switch

Sequence 12

electrical connection

Sequence 13

indicator light

Sequence 14

surge suppressor/damper

Sequence 15

voltage options

Sequence 16

tank pressure rating

Sequence 17

design number

Sequence 18

special features

Sequence 19

p-port restrictor plug

Sequence 20

a-port restrictor plug

Sequence 21

b-port restrictor plug

Sequence 22

t-port restrictor plug

Sequence 23

voltage option (coil-less build)

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