Crimp Specs
Product Line Aeroquip
Hose Part Number EC466-40
Hose Series EC466
Hose Size 40
Fitting Style Global Spiral Internal Skive Crimp
Assembly Machine Other Machines
Tooling HM-3346-93.6
Spacer Ring/Pusher
Spacer Ring Color
Flat Side
Adapter Ring
Target Setting NA
Crimp Diameter 3.675
Crimp Diameter Tolerance 0.008
Crimp Position (in) Full Length
Crimp Position Tolerance
Ovality (in) 0.008

NOTE- Use UNIFLEX HM660 crimp machine. 1) Damage of the inner and outer wire layer will reduce service life. 2) Brush skiving is acceptable for external skive. Wires should not be damaged or displaced. 3) PA6 oil can be used on the O-rings and Nipple during Assembly. 4) Hose cut angle not to exceed 5% maximum.