Crimp Specs
Product Line Industrial
Hose Part Number H177608
Hose Series H1776
Hose Size 08
Fitting Style Z Series
Assembly Machine ET1000
Tooling ET401DC-M230S
Spacer Ring/Pusher T-400-46R
Spacer Ring Color Black/Tan
Flat Side FSU
Adapter Ring Yes
Target Setting NA
Crimp Diameter 0.96
Crimp Diameter Tolerance 0.006
Crimp Position (in) See Notes
Crimp Position Tolerance
Ovality (in) 0.008

1) Finished crimp ends at the scribe mark ±0.75mm (±.030 in). 2) Requires a pusher extention, part number ET1000C-0012, to be placed on top of the spacer ring, when crimping with ET1000.