Crimp Specs
Product Line Industrial
Hose Part Number H010508
Hose Series H0105
Hose Size 8
Fitting Style Z Series
Assembly Machine ET1000
Tooling ET401DC-M230S
Spacer Ring/Pusher T-400-46R
Spacer Ring Color Black/Tan
Flat Side FSU
Bowl (Machine / Adapter) Yes
Target Setting NA
Crimp Diameter 0.96
Crimp Diameter Tolerance 0.006
Crimp Position (in) See Notes
Crimp Position Tolerance
Ovality (in) 0.008

1) Finished crimp ends at the scribe mark ±0.75mm (±.030 in). 2) Requires a pusher extention, part number ET1000C-0012, to be placed on top of the spacer ring, when crimping with ET1000.