Crimp Specs
Product Line Weatherhead
Hose Part Number H46412
Hose Series H464
Hose Size 12
Fitting Style 4SP
Assembly Machine ET4001_Group-(ET4000,ET4001)
Tooling ET4000DC-4S12
Spacer Ring/Pusher ET4000SR-M100A
Spacer Ring Color Purple
Flat Side FSU
Bowl (Machine / Adapter) ET4000AR-001
Target Setting NA
Crimp Diameter 1.425
Crimp Diameter Tolerance 0.006
Crimp Position (in) See Notes
Crimp Position Tolerance
Ovality (in) 0.008

1) To achieve full flat crimp locate back edge of socket approximately 3 mm (1/8") from back edge of crimp jaws as shown in Figure FIGC15. 2) Spacer rings - The Slot in the spacer ring must rest against the locator bracket.