GH134-8 Product
Crimp Specs
Product Line Aeroquip
Hose Part Number GH134-8
Hose Series GH134
Hose Size 08
Fitting Style Air Conditioning Crimp
Assembly Machine FT1330_Group-(FT1330,FT1320)
Tooling FT1330-275-AC08
Spacer Ring/Pusher
Spacer Ring Color
Flat Side
Adapter Ring
Target Setting NA
Crimp Diameter 0.711
Crimp Diameter Tolerance 0.006
Crimp Position (in) 0.417
Crimp Position Tolerance ± .020
Ovality (in) 0.008

1) Hose assembly growth amounts as the result of crimping with this fitting style (steel material). 2) Target Setting value is applicable for FT1330 machine only.

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